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How I Can Help?

1. Pray.


2. Donate time and/or money to missions that support the most vulnerable people in our community:  people and families who are underserved and resource-challenged.

 Here are two ministries to consider that Crown of Life supports:

  •  Sweetwater Mission.  For more information on their response to this crisis and how you can help, click HERE.

  • Noonday Baptist Association of Churches.  For more information about Storehouse Ministries and how you can help, click HERE.

3. Reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and others affected by COVID-19.  Through technology and US mail, we can connect, encourage, and support.

4.  Remember self-care.  Eat healthy foods, drink water, exercise, get plenty of rest, and connect with loved ones.  You are in a better position to help others when you are healthy.

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